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Study: Wearable Art
Contemporary Jewellery


This project explore contemporary jewellery as wearable art and a device for communication.


Contemporary jewellery is artistically driven and emphasises conceptual elements. These pieces not only feature surprising and innovative materials and forms, but also connect to contemporary society through their concepts.


CJST is led by artists TERASHIMA Takayoshi and KOJIMA Takatsugu, who aim to "create a movement left in the art history" by reviving, developing and spreading the culture of jewellery expression in Japan through a variety of projects in Japan and abroad. They select five internationally renowned contemporary jewellery artists.


The producer, directors, curators and conference speakers of this art festival will wear contemporary jewellery.
As artworks are jewellery, you can, of course, touch and purchase them. If you come across someone wearing beautiful contemporary jewellery, why not start a new conversation from there?




Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention North Building BF2 Center Grand Front Osaka
(Producers, directors, curators and conference speakers of this art festival wearing and in the official shop)

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