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Osaka has a graffiti culture that differs from that of Tokyo and other cities. In this exhibition "GRAFFITI IN OSAKA," archival materials and works by VERYONE and ®shashinn, who have been observing the graffiti scene in Osaka for many years, will be exhibited.

"Solo exhibition "盗街者 2-1“"

This exhibition is a different stage and location from the "Stolen Streets" exhibition presented in October, focusing on the documentation of the artist's residency in Europe.


He began taking photos in his early teens as an extension of his daily life, hanging around with his friends on the street. Around 2020, he began to focus on photography in earnest, capturing the “shining” moments of his environment, friends, and the city around him. Due to the nature of the subject he captures, he prefers to develop and print all of the photographs himself. He also consistently produces zines and holds guerrilla exhibitions in the city, which are held in limited locations, and he engages in niche, spontaneous, street-style expression.

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