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Born and currently living in Kyoto Prefecture in 1970. He received a master’s degree in sculpture at Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School and in 1995. Her lighting work projecting onto buildings creates dynamic light spaces that incorporate the formations and memories of spaces. He has carried out a number of participatory art projects such as "Yume no tane","Hikari no mi", "Hikari no hana batake", creating landscapes in cooperation with many people. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Grand Prize at Kirin Contemporary Awards ’95 (1995), Grand Prize at the Kyoto Prefecture Art and Craft Selection Exhibition (2005), Most Promising Young Talent Prize in Fine Art Division at the Gotoh Memorial Cultural Awards (2005), Good Design Award (Environmental Design Section, 2005), Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Awards Encouragement Award (2008), and Kyoto City Newcomer Artist Award (2010), Grand Prize at DSA Japan Spatial Design Award (2015), Lighting Spread Award (2016, 2017), Special Jury Award at Lighting Design Award (2018),Grand Prize at 28th AACA Award / 30th Anniversary Arts and Crafts Award at 30th AACA Award at Japan Association Of Artists Craftsmen & Architects Award, Lighting Spread Award (2020), KUKAN OF THE YEAR 2022 at 34th Kyoto Art and Culture Award Japan Space Design Award, Gold Prize in the Entertainment & Creative Art Space category, among others.

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