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​GU Nakayama


Born in 1975 on Iki Island, Nagasaki Prefecture. At the age of 40, he was impressed by the free and dynamic expression of the calligrapher Yuichi Inoue, and began to explore his own free expression using ink and paper. He created 1000 works while asking himself questions over a year or more with hieroglyph-like works with "birds" as a motif. While working on the theme of what letters are, while looking at the works that appeared in front of him, He thought about the ancient people who created letters in the distant past, and also about the origin of Kanji, such as oracle bone script and grammatology. He learns in his spare time and always deepens his flexible thoughts about his own expression. Birds, moons, flowers, ALIVE, PAIN, stars, nothing... Little by little, He continue to increase his own "characters" that spring up from his roots.

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