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Calligrapher and contemporary artist, born in Hiroshima in 1969. In 1988, he entered the Calligraphy Department of Tokyo Gakugei University and soon had the opportunity to encounter the works of Inoue Yuichi. He decided to create "one's own style of writing," at the age of 20. He declared the "Yamamoto Hisashi Calligrapher Manifesto" in his room, and since then, he has identified himself as a calligrapher.

After working on the catalog resonance of Inoue Yuichi at Unakuto Tokyo, he made the decision to leave Yuichi. In 2004, a art critic Masaomi Unagami asked him to establish the "Tensakukai," an exhibition to commend Inoue Yuichi. At the age of 34, he finally had the opportunity to present his own works. After continuing the Tensakukai for 12 years, he held his first solo exhibition "Machine" at Unak Salon in 2015. Due to attracting attention, an art collection titled "Fune" (YKG Publishing) edited by Yamato Press was published in 2016. In 2016, he held his first solo exhibition "Flying Saucer" at a contemporary art gallery, Yumiko Chiba Associates. Subsequently, he held solo exhibitions such as "Speech Balloon" (Toyama, Gallery NOW) in 2017, "Badge and Towel and Cardboard" (Tokyo, Beams Japan B Gallery), and "Door and Light and Sound and Glass and Water" (Nagoya, Gallery NAO MASAKI, formerly Gallery Feel Art Zero). In April 2018, he organized the world's first calligraphy-specialized art fair, "ART SHODO TOKYO," where he served as a curator. He is currently cooperating with the activities of its successor, "ART SHODO FESTA."

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