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I have been creating sculptures and furnitures combining iron and different materials under the main theme of "the known and the unknown”. In this exhibition, for example, I use bolts, handles, and other ready-made products as materials — that have been given a purpose or role by humans — in order to render them meaningless. I would like people to notice those existence in front of them by overturning their preconceived images or making them feel uncomfortable. My works are acts of confirming the truth of what I realize as "known" based on information through the five senses, such as what I have seen, touched, and felt on my skin. In order to find the source of my peace of mind, I pick up elements that exist quietly in my daily life and trace my memories of "What was this?”.


Born in1993. She completed a master programe in Sculpture at Musashino Art University Graduate School of Art. Currently, she creates sculptures and fixtures by combining iron and different materials under the theme of "the known and the unknown". She works mainly in Tokyo and exhibits in Japan and abroad. Awarded the "sanwacompany Art Award/Art in the House 2023". Major solo exhibitions include "BODYLESS body" (ESTHEROKADA ART GALLERY) in 2022, "Lull itself"(Bohemmian's Guild CAGE) in 2023. Group exhibitions include "Komaraseru Itonoko" (Kuma Foundation Gallery) etc. In 2023, she contributed to the 2023 TBS drama "18/40 ~Hutari nara yume mo koi mo~" as a cooperation of artworks.

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