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The feel of a sofa on which you sit deeply, the edgy roofs of houses seen from the window, the joints of an overpass you look up at on the side of the road. The trivial everyday scenes that we don't pay attention to somehow accumulate in our memories and lead to a great sense of security. For me, the state of 'knowing' things is the foundation of my mental support and peace of mind. However, the memories and images that exist vaguely in my head are merely the result of my own unconscious selection and selection of the information I have acquired through the organs of my body. My work is an act of checking how much truth there is in what I recognise as 'knowledge' based on information through the five senses, such as what I have seen, touched or felt on my skin. In order to find a source of reassurance, I traverse my memory of 'what this was' by scratching out elements that are quietly present in my daily life.


Born 1993, she completed the sculpture course in the Department of Fine Arts at Musashino Art University in 2018.

Currently, she creates sculptural works and fixtures combining iron and different materials, with the main theme of "the known and the not-known". Works mainly in Tokyo and exhibits in Japan and abroad. Selected for the sanwacompany Art Award/Art in the House 2023.

Major solo exhibitions include 'BODYLESS body' (ESTHEROKADA ART GALLERY) in 2022, 'Lull itself' (Bohemmian's Guild CAGE) in 2023, and a group exhibition 'Troubling Thread Saw' (Kuma Foundation Gallery), among others. In 2023, she cooperated on the TBS drama '18/40 - Futari nara yume mo koi mo' (18/40 - If it's two people, it's a dream and love).

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