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​HINO Kimihiko


Born in Hokkaido in 1975, currently living in Tokyo. Graduated from the Department of Japanese Literature at Nishogakusha University. At the age of 4, he was impressed by the toy "Pokapon Game" created by an uncle at Epoch Corporation. He decided to become a creator someday but spent 15 years in confusion about what to create. As he have had innate severe asthma and was a child who could not attend school for almost half of each year, he spent time at home watching manga by Mitsuhiro Shirato, daytime dramas, Galaxy Express 999, and anime. Despite struggling with all subjects in school and not having a favorite subject, he liked the signboard letters drawn by Sasaki Yusuke in the art textbook. While working on an assignment to draw landscape paintings, he drew a person throwing away trash and a sign that said "Don't litter!" with enthusiasm.In 1994, I entered the Japanese Literature Department to with study Japanese linguistics, but he encountered conte drawings "Contemowowari" drew by Yuichi Inoue who was introduced by his senior in the calligraphy club. He was profoundly impacted by the fact that he could no longer take his eyes off the paper on which the words were simply written with a hard brush, and started practicing calligraphy. Through the introduction of artist Naoshi Yamamoto, he worked for a year from 1996 at Unac Tokyo, ornizing Yuichi Inoue's works for the production of his catalogue raisonné.He worked on identifying the date of production of works created between 1970 and 1976 from the diary left by Yuichi Inoue, and exhibited the works.The concept of his works is rooted in the idea that people write because they accept something, and writing can only exist depending on the environment and context in which it is preserved.

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