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My work is not a 'collage', but rather a 'bricolage' as advocated by the French social anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss in his book 'Wild Thoughts'. It is an effort to discover something new by reassembling known things in a way that deviates from their original meaning. The basis of this approach is based on the scientific idea that "matter exists as a collection of invisible particles." This is the basis of the idea that matter exists as a collection of invisible particles. Matter only takes form when someone looks at it with a clear will. This is the quantum-mechanical view that matter can only take form when someone looks at it with a clear will.


2010 BA in Oil Painting, Department of Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts

2012 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Printmaking

Worked as a corporate house designer on graphics and jewellery.

From 2019, develops her own jewellery brand alongside her art activities; from 2021, enters NFT Art


2018 Asia Digital Art Award Exhibition, Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan.


2019 EWAAC/EWAL London Premier Exhibition

2021 Young Artists' Works Exhibition Project, Kawaguchiko Museum of Music and Forest Art

2021 Digitoma (Nara Fujima Family Residence NFT Exhibition, Metaverse)

2021 Murashu Foundation 2021 grant "HILDEGARD" (collaboration of graphic art X contemporary electronic music)

2021 Published in the July issue of the monthly 'Art Collectors'.

2022 Exhibited at 'World Art Dubai' Dubai Art Fair

2022 Sanwa Company Art Award Sanwa Company Art Award Finalist

2022 XANALIA NFTArt Awards 2021 XANALIA Special Award


2022 METAVERSE AUCTION 0 (Honganji Dendoin, Kyoto)

2022 DIGITOMA (Metaverse, Osaka Nanigotoya exhibition)

2023 UNKNOWN ASIA 2023 exhibition (Osaka)

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