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When casually looking at a landscape, there are moments when something in front of you suddenly looks like something unfamiliar.

Surprised, you try to take a closer look, but you can no longer see it and it has become something familiar.


What is this "something"?

I may have simply misjudged it, but is this really all there is to the world I am seeing now, and is it correct?

I wonder if there is a world in which there is something that I saw for a moment, but I am not aware of it.


When I see it - when I am not conscious of seeing it, but unconsciously perceive it as a whole - I feel as if my gaze is looking beyond the landscape.

Something" may be drifting around our perception.


I am trying to capture something wavering and ambiguous before it becomes something, with colours and shapes.


Born 1988, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 2013 with a Master's degree in oil painting.


She creates oil paintings inspired by familiar landscapes.

She tries to represent 'the visible but invisible' by decomposing, merging, rotating and reconstructing colours and shapes in dozens of thin layers.


Recent major solo exhibitions include 'Memory of Sensation' at gallery N (Aichi, 2023), 'Nakakoji Moemi Exhibition' at Sukiyowa (Tokyo, 2023) and 'Gaze no Yukue' at O Gallery eyes (Osaka, 2023).

Group exhibitions include 'Shape! Bunkamura Gallery 8/ (Tokyo, 2023), etc.



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