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​ORITA Chiaki


Still life paintings, one of the genres of Western painting, are works in which the artist himself freely arranges and composes stationary natural objects such as fruit and vessels. In this work, the dominant colour is extracted from a motif of 100 images obtained from an image search on the internet, and a new expression of still life is created using images of the same colour as these.


Born 1993, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Shizuoka University of Art and Culture and Tohoku University Graduate School of Engineering.

Studied architecture and design, and reexamines the relationship between 'things' and 'people', expressing the distance between them and the differences in their perceptions.

Major exhibitions include Collective Image (Shiogama Atsushi Sugimura Museum of Art, 2023), Collective Image @ Kobe (KOBE 819 GALLERY, 2021), major awards include PITCH GRANT (finalist, 2020), Sanwa Company Art Award' (finalist, 2021).



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