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Born in Nagasaki prefecture. When he was a teenager, he was inspired by punk rock and became the starting point of his creative activities. In 2004, entered the calligraphy course at Fukuoka University of Education. While studying traditional calligraphy techniques and aesthetics, he was also influenced by various avant-garde art movements after the war. , Developing calligraphy as "the simplest art that can be done for free if you have paper and a pencil" and "energy for living born from everyday life". I write down the inspiration that flashes in my daily life in a notebook with fragmentary words. Instead of using expensive brushes, he uses a towel to write while listening to punk rock music. With a work that "verbalizes emotions" through physical reality, he does the exact opposite of writing "beautifully" by studying technical skills and mastering the technique of the brush.


2015 Selected as a member of “Tensakukai, art group tribute for Yuichi Inoue. Selected for “ART SHODO TOKYO” in 2018. In 2019, when he participated in Art Fair Tokyo 2019 and won the Grand Prix of “LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2018-2019”, judge Masamichi Toyama (CEO of Soup Stock Tokyo, Art collector) said, “In a modern age where the ego has been tamed but he has a piercing and overwhelming ego. no need to explanation.” Selected for Shell Art Award 2019. 2020 Selected for ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2020.In 2023, a solo exhibition will be held at Shibuya Parco GALLERY X, and a collection of works will be published. Currently participating in Arts Maebashi 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition ``New Horizon - From History to the Future''.



LUMINE meets ART AWARD 2018-2019 Grand Prix Winner

Shell Art Award 2019 Winner

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