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​SHIN Masaharu


New's work is the result of a desire to explore how painting is perceived in society today and how this perception has evolved throughout history. He is fascinated by the different meanings and stances that art has conveyed in our society. The new approach ultimately questions the significance of art in today's life and brings tools to formulate an answer to this essential question.


1996 Born in Osaka

2021 Completed postgraduate studies in oil painting in the field of arts and crafts at Kyoto University of Art and Design


Solo exhibitions

2022 "On the repulsion force generated when skin touches each other" PAGIC Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2022 "Distorted" GENE GALLERY (Shanghai, China)

2023 "Human and Relational Practices" PAGIC Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)

2023 "Painting and Gold" FOAM CONTEMPORARY (Tokyo, Japan)


2020 NONIO ART WAVE AWARD 2020 Teiya Iwabuchi Special Jury Prize

2020 Shell Art Prize 2020 Selected Prize

2023 sanwacompany Art Award / Art in The House 2023 President's Special Award

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