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I experienced a return to instinct in childbirth.

The baby that is born also lives according to its instincts. I was reminded that we are part of nature.

There is a view that I saw for the first time when I stood in that place. I want to think about giving birth to life here and now.

[ Venue ] ACTUS Shinsaibashi

By depicting minerals as symbols of a world rich in diversity, the artist explores his own power of discovery.

Beginning with a sketch painting, the artist repeatedly deconstructed and reconstructed the image in multiple steps.

The exercise of continually re-capturing the landscape we see may be the 'force' that keeps the world generating and changing.

This work is the crystallisation of one of these processes and my wish for a better world.

[ Venue ] arflex Osaka


Born 1980 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, she completed the Japanese Painting Course in Painting at Kanazawa College of Art in 2007. After working as a jewellery designer, she began her career as an artist in 2011. In addition to paintings using both Japanese painting and embossing techniques, in recent years she has been presenting works using a wide range of expressive techniques. Major exhibitions include 'Contemporary Art Positions 2021-2022' (Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi).

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