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​SHIBA Masako


Masako Shiba has been based in NY for over two decades, where she worked for organizations including Asian Cultural Council, where she served as the inaugural director for ACC Japan Foundation. Amidst the pandemic, Masako ventured into various endeavors, including co-founding ONBD, a digital art and web3 content focused company, becoming the Chief Artistic Director for Spacetainment PTE LTD, a Singapore based Space startup, and is an advisor for new media art for ANDART, a Japanese Art startup. In her most recent venture, she is co-founding the Brooklyn Experimental Art Foundation (BEAF), set to open in March 2024. With her expertise in NFT, she frequently speaks and writes on the subject and was invited as speaker to the 2023 edition of WebX, and contributed to the museum catalog for the "Takashi Murakami: Unfamiliar People: Swelling of Monsterized Human Ego" exhibition currently on view at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

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