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Cosmic Energy: The Origins of the Universe

What is the truth of the universe, and what forms the basis of reality? This exhibition is an attempt by three artists to answer this grand question from diverse perspectives such as physics, Buddhist philosophy, and mathematics.Yasuo Nomura, installed his PION plate works representing the five elements—fire, water, earth, wind, and space—into a tower, including the first-ever piece that “experienced the universe.” The venue for this world premiere of his space art, Nakanoshima Center, is where Dr. Yukawa Hideki, the originator of the “PION theory” advocated by Nomura through his artistic activities, discovered the PION meson theory that became the trigger for the Nobel Prize in Physics. The PION Plate Space Project, organized and executed by Spacetainment as part of the PION UNITED project team was formed under Nomura’s philosophy of “art created by everyone,” achieved a remarkable feat by being sent to the International Space Station Kibo Experiment Module in mid-March from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, via SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket. After about three months of space travel, it safely returned to Earth at the end of June. This project, originally based on the PION meson theory, was put into practice in the form of art, and exhibiting it in this space can be seen as a return to the origin.
(For more details about the PION International Space Station Project, see here: )
“The Sound of Ikebana” is Professor Naoko Tosa’s signature series. Among them, the featured work, “Zero Gravity,” is a dynamic piece that achieved the visualization of the vibrations of sound in zero gravity using high-speed camera technology at 1/2000 seconds during parabolic flight. Originally, the project aimed at discovering universal cultural identities hidden in the sensory experiences of modern individuals through “cultural computing,” a fusion of science. Liberated from gravity, experiencing a world where flowers seem to dance, impossible to see with the naked eye, this immersive installation uses a four-sided projection and three-dimensional sound, allowing one to physically experience it.Shlumper has consistently conveyed the pareidolia phenomenon through diverse techniques, merging art and technology since the 1980s. With an uncommon background as a certified Reiki master, he dedicates himself to daily sketching, unveiling character-like elements that emerge from a mindful state in his Spirit Snacks series. In this exhibition, honoring the significance of the number three in energy frequencies and various religions, Spirit Snacks evolves from drawings into 3D printed sculptures and extends further into AR. This creates an exhibition where three divine golden entities gracefully traverse multiple dimensions. Spirit Snacks also manifests as an oversized public AR installation against the backdrop of the Nakanoshima Center building, pushing the boundaries of the cosmic art experience beyond the exhibition space by integrating cutting-edge technology.

PION - オリジントーク

日時:2023年12月24日(日) 午後 4:00 - 5:30 *トーク後に登壇者を交えた懇親会あり

場所:大阪大学中之島センター5階 「いのち共感ひろば」(大阪市北区中之島4丁目3−53)


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