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Research Project

Successor Problem (TBC)


In recent years, the number of foreign residents in Japan has been rapidly increasing in the Nishinari area of Osaka City, which is the base of activity for artist Yoshiya Nishio. The area's shopping streets, which once prospered as a town for day laborers and attracted workers from all over the country, have become shuttered due to the changes of the times, such as the aging of the working population and unemployment caused by the recession. However, in the past 10 years, a large number of Chinese and Vietnamese karaoke bars and restaurants have moved in. In addition, in Japan, where the labor shortage is becoming more serious due to the declining birthrate and aging population, many foreigners come to Japan as technical intern trainees, and the number of residents in Nishinari Ward is on the rise. However, despite the residents living in the same area, there is no connection with the former residents and there are few opportunities to learn about their living conditions and background. Under such circumstances, I believe that "fashion" has the potential to be a point of contact with them, and by continuing to hold "NISHINARI YOSHIO" clothing making workshops, I hope to become a co-creator of the brand in the future. We aim to work together.

Since its inception, the brand's concept has been based on the misalignment that existed between Nishio and the elderly women in the area, and although the differences in culture and lifestyle habits with foreigners living in Japan tend to be talked about as a negative impression within the area. , this gap is an important point, and we hope to use the gap between us and local residents as an opportunity to begin new development of our brand through our activities.  




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