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Related Exhibition "YODOKABE"


YODOKABE started in March 2021, during the Corona disaster, with the support of the Yodogawa Ward Office, when BAKIBAKI, an artist living in Yodogawa Ward, painted a portrait of Nightingale under the theme of 'Respect for medical professionals'. Artists from Japan and abroad with BAKIBAKI have collaborated to carry out ongoing activities in the Juso area of Yodogawa-ku under the theme of regional revitalisation through mural painting toward Expo Osaka in 2025. This project colloborate with the exhibition 'STREET 3.0: Where are the Streets?, which re-considers the relationship between streets and art. Through the Yodo Wall project, which is expanding in a community-based way, we want visitors to walk the streets of Juso and feel the real Osaka. We want to introduce the culture of the streets and the diversity of art, which is different from that of Tokyo and other cities.

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