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中森友喜、進藤篤が登壇するトークイベント「Art & Perfume」を12月24日に開催


STREET 3.0 トークプログラム



中森友喜(NOSE SHOP代表)

進藤篤(デザイナー / アーティスト)




supported by LUFU


Art & Perfume

Hearing "art and perfume," you might wonder, "What's the connection?" Well, there's a fresh perspective – it's called "art perfumery." What ties together art and perfume? Join us as we explore the relationship between art and perfume with experts in fragrance, design, and art. We hope you'll be a part of the conversation!

Tomonobu Nakamori (Representative of NOSE SHOP)

Atsushi Shindo (Designer / Artist)

Yutaro Midorikawa (Art Director)

Date: December 24, 2023, 1-2 p.m

Place: Osaka Grand Front|Congress Convention Center

supported by LUFU

中森友喜 | Tomonobu Nakamori


Tomonobu Nakamori is the founder of Nose Shop, a perfume select store that introduces niche fragrances from around the world. He handles the selection of all the perfumes and translates their stories. The range of the products and the amount of perfume texts are the best in Japan.

進藤篤 | Atsushi Shindo


Atsushi Shindo is involved in the design of hotels, offices, and commercial spaces. In his personal projects, he has presented a wide range of works, including spaces, interior objects, and artworks, starting from a more innocent eye.

緑川雄太郎 | Yutaro Midorikawa

トランスヒューマニズム、ポストアントロポセン、クォンタムコンシャスネスをベースに、人類以降のアート「ART AFTER HUMAN」に関するプロジェクトを企画。APディレクター。

Yutaro Midorikawa organizes projects related to ART AFTER HUMAN based on transhumanism, post-anthropocene, and quantum consciousness. Director of AP.



LUFU in an interior brand using loofah. Practicing sustainable agriculture for more than 40 years in Imizu City, Toyama Prefecture, LUFU cultivates loofahs with special attention to pesticide-free and bleach-free cultivation. After harvesting, the company engages in integrated processing and manufacturing. Characterized by its soft texture nurtured by abundant water.


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