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An art festival that studies the relationship between art, people, and society

December 23rd to December 28th, 2023. 34°41′11″ North Latitude 135°31′12″ East Longitude ― A myriad of question marks in the form of art will appear in Osaka. It challenges all the assumptions we have taken for granted (sometimes themes we have avoided thinking or saying). "What is possible in art?" "What is impossible?" - Question. thinking. the study. investigation. discover. marvel. Outgoing. share.

A collective intelligence art experience that will be a pre-event of the Osaka Kansai International Art Festival, which will be born in the year of the Expo 2025. Please join us. yes. that you are reading this message now. In fact, it can be said that it is part of a huge work in itself.


Study : Osaka Kansai International Art Festival Vol.3

"Study: Osaka-Kansai International Art Festival vol.3" (hereafter referred to as the art festival) is a social impact (revitalization of the culture, arts and economy, emergence of social issues) in the wake of the 2025 Japan World Expo This is an event to verify the feasibility of the world's largest art festival "Osaka Kansai International Art Festival (provisional name)" with the theme of transformation. This is the third pre-event that started in January 2022. From the perspective of social impact, which is the theme of this art festival, the relationship between “art and people” and “art and society” and the possibilities of art will be repeatedly studied, while repeating the process of “study”. We will strive to maximize the value of the annual Osaka Kansai International Art Festival. This art festival will include exhibitions of works by artists with ties to Osaka and Kansai throughout the city of Osaka, as well as the "Study: Art & Creative Fair" where you can enjoy purchasing art and creative works. In addition to galleries, exhibition booths for players who create contact points with various creative industries through art, exhibition booths for creative companies, and "art dining" (exhibiting works at restaurants and offering special courses), etc. We are planning a more developed program based on the input of two studies.

ARTLOGUE Co., Ltd. (Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival Secretariat)


Japan Arts Council

Agency for Cultural Affairs

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