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CJST (TERASHIMA Takayoshi and KOJIMA Takatsugu)


CJST (Contemporary Jewellery Symposium Tokyo) was launched in 2019 by artist Koka Terashima in collaboration with comrade Takatsugu Kojima, with the aim of "creating a movement that will remain in the history of art" through various projects to revitalise, develop and promote the culture of jewellery expression in Japan. The project started in 2019.


Main projects include,

Symposium project (2021, 2023): defining and raising awareness of issues within the contemporary jewellery field.

Public exhibition project (2021,2023): providing opportunities for artists to work, disseminating information to society and attracting collectors.

Museum jewellery donation project: creation of Japan's first centre of jewellery expression culture/contemporary jewellery and regional revitalisation.


The museum has planned and organised three projects to connect with society. This year's "STUDY: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival" will see the launch of further new projects.

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