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Born in Osaka in 1978. His signature “BAKI pattern” is inspired by the repetition of futuristic mechanical forms seen in Japanese manga and anime around the 90s. The pattern, which has been symbolized over the course of 20 years, continues to be arranged in various media, increasing its affinity with traditional Japanese patterns and family crests. His activities are rooted in live painting in club culture, but through indoor murals derived from that, he is currently active mainly in large outdoor murals / public art. Major works in recent years include Tainan Art Museum Mural (2016), Osaka International Airport Mural (2018), POW!WOW!TAIWAN (2015), POW!WOW!HAWAII (2018), The Wallriors/Kaohsiung ( 2019) and Varanasi Art Project (2019). From 2021, he will launch a mural project "Yodokabe" centered on Juso, Osaka. He is contributing to the expansion of recognition of mural culture in Japan and the revitalization of the region in preparation for the 2025 Osaka Expo.

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