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"Study: Osaka-Kansai International Art Festival" is one of the world's largest art festivals with themes such as revitalization of culture, art, economy and social issues, taking advantage of the 2025 Japan International Expo (Expo '70 Osaka, Kansai). Let's study together to make it possible to hold the "Osaka-Kansai International Art Festival (provisional)"! This is a pre-event.

The second event was held from Saturday, January 28, 2023 to Monday, February 13, 2023 at Grand Front Osaka (Umeda), Senba Excel Building (Honmachi), Kamagasaki University of Arts (Nishinari), etc. We provided a variety of art experiences such as exhibitions, art fairs, and conferences while traversing Osaka from Kita to Minami. We are looking for staff to share with many people again this year.

You can choose the style that best suits your interests and time, such as "Volunteer" to support and enliven the operation on the day of the event, or "Office Assistant" to work with the office staff. Why don't you join us in making the Kansai art scene more vibrant, not only in Osaka but in the Kansai region as a whole?

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