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Art Fair

Recruiting Exhibitors for "Study: Art & Creative Fair"

In the previous event, "Osaka Kansai International Art Festival 2023/Art Fair 2023" (January 28th to February 13th, 2023), following its inaugural year, an official art fair program called "Art Fair" was held for the first time as part of the domestic art festival. This fair featured a diverse range of galleries, including top domestic galleries and corporate galleries, participating in exhibitions. For the official fair program of the 3rd edition of the art festival, "Study: Art & Creative Fair," galleries, creative companies, and organizations from both domestic and international origins showcased their unique concepts through booths. The event included not only booths presenting independent projects, but also booths designed to connect the Kansai and Japanese art scene to the global art scene, collaborative booths between domestic and international galleries, and collaborations with art collectors, interior shops, and cafes in the city. This multifaceted approach covered various genres and perspectives, aiming to spread the joy of living a creative life alongside art from the Kansai region to the world.



Miwa Kutsuna appointed as Chief Fair Program Director

At the "Osaka Kansai International Art Festival," a vision was set forth to position art as a strategic asset for the growth of Osaka, the Kansai region, and Japan. With the aim of revitalizing the art and creative industries and generating opportunities for work and employment in these fields, a cross-genre art fair has been organized. To further clarify this vision and promote a crossover between academia and the market, the event has been renamed as "Study: Art & Creative Fair." In line with this transformation, KUTSUNA Miwa, a contemporary art historian and curator, has assumed the role of Chief Fair Program Director (CFPD). This change seeks to foster the expansion of academic and market-oriented aspects.


【 A Message from KUTSUNA Miwa to Everyone 】 "Art evolves with the times, and now it expands its possibilities by intertwining with various fields such as societal issues, technology, fashion, crafts, and pop culture. Within the Osaka Kansai International Art Festival, Art & Creative Fair, I believe it is a crucial mission to provide a space where creativity transcends the boundaries of genres. From the region of Osaka and Kansai, where commerce and culture have intertwined throughout a rich history, I hope that art will create new connections with society, the economy, and people, originating fresh points of contact."

Chief Fair Program Director


Miwa Nome is a contemporary art historian, curator, and director. She holds positions as a visiting professor at Tama Art University, a professor in the Department of Contemporary Art at Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, a visiting scholar at Tsinghua University's Japan Studies Institute, and the Representative Director of the General Incorporated Association Experimental Art Research Institute. She is also the founder of REBIRTH ASIA and a board member of the Boao Cultural Industry Forum in Japan. She graduated from Tama Art University and completed her postgraduate studies at Korea's Hongik University. She obtained her doctoral degree from Tsinghua University in China. Currently, she is an expert in East Asian culture and art at Tsinghua University's Japan Studies Institute, and she is involved in diplomatic events as well. In 2021, she curated "Weaving and Presence" in Fujiyoshida City. She also curated an exhibition at the Powerlong Museum in Shanghai in 2022. Starting from 2022, she regularly appears as an expert on the Japanese TV program "The Art House," which introduces contemporary Japanese art. At Luxun Academy of Fine Arts in China, she gives lectures on the theme of environment and art, focusing on the concept of "drawing things in without creating anything," a unique approach for a Chinese art university.

Market Place

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We need a plan according to your budget and number of works. ​For more information, please contact us below.

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Overview of the event

Study: Art & Creative Fair



December 22nd (Fri) 13:00-19:00

*Available only for VIPs, invited guests, and press-related individuals.

Open to the public

December 23 (Sat) 11:00-19:00
December 24 (Sun) 11:00-16:00
*Last admission 30 minutes before closing on both days

Art & Creative Fair Exhibit Application Guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact the following e-mail address.

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