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NOHARA Kunihiko

Credit: ©︎ gallery UG


1982 Born in Hokkaido, Japan

2007 Completed postgraduate programe in sculpture at Graduate School of Arts, Hiroshima City University


An emerging artist who have gotten high reputation domestically and internationally.

The people and animals as motifs of his works put on their own space, scent, atmosphere, sensation and time as a mass of weight. While they are adorable and unique, they also have a way of exuding a mysterious charm that moves between oddity and mismatch as an extended body. 

Since 2010, he has actively participate in solo exhibitions, art fairs and exhibitions abroad.

The Ueno Royal Museum (2017), Tsutaya Ginza Atrium (2018), and a sole exhibition at the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle (2021).In the same year, "Think Green feat. NOHARA Kunihiko" toured shops nationwide as part of the SDGs initiatives at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store. In September 2023, a special exhibition titled "Floating Moment" took place at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. Belonging to gallery UG.

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