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Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival Vol.3, studying the relationship of Art x People x Society, will be held from 23 to 28 December 2023 and organized by ARTLOGUE, Japan Arts Council, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan.


As its third time of Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival, an exhibition STREET 3.0: Where Is The Street?, rethinking the relationship between street and art and exploring the streets in the era of crisis, will be held at the Semba Excel Building, one of the main venues of the festival.


1. Graffiti

2. USB

3. Map

4. Algorithm

5. Perfume

6. New Street

7. Calligraphy

8. Blind

Curator's Message


Miwa Kutsuna [MK]: Up to now, a lot of culture has emerged from the streets, and some of it has been sublimated into art. So what exactly is the relationship between street culture and art? By considering the word "street" in the broader sense of "path," we can see works that redefine the existing meaning and context of street and art, such as the mysterious world of art perfumery connected to Kodo (the Japanese art of incense), and the act of deciphering the new value of art in the "path-like place" of social media. We hope this exhibition will serve as a crossroads for explorers seeking unexplored places.


Yutaro Midorikawa [YM]: Streets transform. Needless to say, so does its art. But we are not yet ready for the update. Where is the street for us in the era of crisis? And what kind of art is being made there? It may not be the street as it used to be. The streets will open in different ways. And, needless to say, so will its art.

General Information

Title: STREET 3.0: Where Is The Street?

Duration: Saturday, 23th - Thursday, 28th December , 2023

Weekdays 13:00 - 19:00 (last admission 18:30)

Weekends and holidays: 10:00 - 19:00 (last admission at 18:30)

Preview: Friday, 22th December, 2023

Venue: Semba Excel Building

2-11, Kyutaromachi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0056, Japan

Supported by: Tatsuno Corporation

Cooperation: Semba Art Site Project

*The information is subject to change without notice. Please understand in advance.

*A ticket for Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival vol.3 is required to enter this venue.

1. Graffiti


VERYONE / ®shashin​n

Osaka has a graffiti culture that differs from that of Tokyo and other cities. In this exhibition "GRAFFITI IN OSAKA," archival materials and works by VERYONE and ®shashinn, who have been observing the graffiti scene in Osaka for many years, will be exhibited. [MK]

2. USB

Dead Drops

Aram Bartholl

Aram Bartholl has been interested in the digital world. It’s “to question our engagement with media and with public economies linked to social networks, online platforms, and digital dissemination strategies.” In STREET 3.0, Dead Drops (2010-) will be exhibited as STREET 2.0. What does offline data sharing mean? [YM]

3. Map

Google Maps Hacks

Simon Weckert

Simon Weckert is interested in the digital world. It’s “everything related to code and electronics under the reflection on current social aspects.” In STREET 3.0Google Maps Hacks (2020) will be exhibited as STREET 2.0. How do we deal with "map" that digital data has changed? [YM]


4. Algorithm


AQV-EIKKKM, exhibiting for the first time, is an artist who examines the relationship between data and art and questions the value of art. AQV-EIKKKM will present an installation that deciphers the role of capitalism, democracy, and contingency in determining the value of art. A proprietary algorithm unravels and visualizes the valuation inherent in the correlation. In STREET 3.0, the artwork will be exhibited as STREET 3.0. What does the art world look like through data?  [MK / YM]


5. Perfume


Ai Hasegawa / Algorithmic Perfumery / BYNAM / Disconoma (Thomas Vauthier + Fanny Terno) / Etat Libre d'Orange / FISHKOM / Makoto Aida / MOCAF / NEANDERTAL / II / STORA SKUGGAN / tomotosi / YAP / Yuichiro Tamura / ZOOLOGIST

AP is an exhibition that introduces Art Perfumery. In STREET 3.0, AP will be held as Street 3.0. What is the world of Art Perfumery, where people "read" scents rather than "smell" them? What will the world of Art Perfumery, which is neither designer perfume nor olfactory art, bring in the age of crisis? [YM] 

6. New Street

[Related Exhibition]

Archive of Street 
Takehiro Ishitani + Chim↑Pom from Smappa!Group

* This related exhibition doesn’t request a support by Expo 2025




7. Calligraphy

Calligraphy strayed from the beaten track

Guh Nakayama / Hisashi Yamamoto / Kimihiko Hino / Rintaro Hashiguchi / Yuichi Inoue

This exhibition explores calligraphy, which continues to evolve as a visual expression, and where its "path" is heading. The exhibition will feature Yuichi Inoue, who has transcended the existing realm of calligraphy and is internationally recognized as an important art form contemporary with Gutai art, and four contemporary calligraphers who have followed his lead in seeking even more challenging forms of expression. ​[MK]

Venue: ICHION CONTEMPORARY B2(9-10, Nozakicho, Kitaku, Osaka)


8. Blind

Blind Sensing
meri otoshi

Meiri Otoshi is interested in the body and texture. It's realized in the form of dances, performances, and workshops. In STREET 3.0, Blind Sensing will be done as STREET 1.0. By guiding a person with eyes open to a person with eyes closed, the person with eyes closed perceives a different texture from the person with eyes open. What do we feel beyond the invisible street?  [YM]

Linked Project

About the Curators

Study: Osaka Kansai International Art Festival Vol.3 has two categories, exhibition and art fair. The curators Miwa Kutsuna and Yutaro Midorikawa take up "street and art" as the theme linking the two, and redefine it as "STREET 3.0."


The definision of STREET 3.0 will be released soon.

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